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Fillings at East Fremantle Dental Centre

Dr Carmen consulting with patient Decay in the teeth is a common problem for adults and children alike. If left untreated, it can cause severe pain, infection and even result in a lost tooth. Once you have a gap where a tooth used to be in your mouth, your other teeth are likely to start shirting out of place to fill the open space. That’s why the team at East Fremantle Dental Centre encourages preventative dentistry. With regular checkups, we hope to catch any potential issues early on, when they’re simpler and less costly to treat.

If you require a filling, however, we can fill the area of decay to restore the function and aesthetics of your tooth. We provide white fillings that bond easily to the tooth’s surface and don’t require much of the existing tooth structure to be removed.

Composite or Porcelain?

We offer both composite and porcelain materials for fillings. You might be wondering which is most appropriate for you. Everyone is different, and we’ll make our recommendations based on your particular situation. Occasionally, both materials might suit you, and in that case, you’ll be able to decide which you prefer. Though both are durable and natural-looking, porcelain is a stronger material, so if you don’t have much structure left to your tooth, it may be your best option for a filling East Fremantle.

When you have your regular checkups, we’ll be able to identify any areas of decay quickly. If you come in with a toothache and we believe it’s due to decay, we’ll get you set up for an appointment to have a filling. When you come to our practice to get a filling, you’ll have a chat with our team, then sit in the dental chair with your sunnies on. We’ll apply a topical anaesthetic to your gums, then a local anaesthetic that you won’t be able to feel. We want you to be comfortable throughout the procedure.

Then, we’ll place a rubber dam in your mouth to isolate the area that we’re working on. The decay will be removed from the tooth, and a composite material applied. We also provide porcelain fillings, which will require two visits, since they’re custom-created in our laboratory.

Once completed, we’ll shape, polish and adjust the filling to suit your bite.

You won’t have to worry about waiting times to return to your workday or your daily activities because of your filling. We do warn our patients, though, that they’ll want to wait until the anaesthetic wears off before trying to eat and drink and to be careful speaking. When you’re numb, you may bite your tongue, lip or cheek without realising it.

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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