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Teeth Grinding and Bruxism at East Fremantle Dental Centre

At East Fremantle Dental Centre we provide a broad range of solutions to suit your every need. We focus on family-friendly care so that we can see to the requirements of all ages. If you are concerned that you, your spouse or your child are clenching or teeth grinding, we offer solutions for bruxism in the form of an oral splint and sometimes a referral to a TMJ specialist.

The Dangers of Bruxism

Dr Carmen consulting with patientGrinding your teeth, also referred to as bruxism, can be extremely harmful to your oral health. You’ll wear away the surface of your teeth, which can result in a crack or fracture. You will also experience  headaches and discomfort in the jaw, face, neck, head and shoulders. You might recognise that you’re grinding in the night or during daytime hours. Once you realise that you do so during the day, you can usually stop with simple awareness of your habits.

If you suspect that you’re grinding at night, or your partner tells you that you are, a splint fits on either the upper teeth or the lower teeth. It acts as a cushion, absorbing the force that your jaw applies to the teeth. Your muscles will be allowed to relax and reduce the tension in your body.

What to Expect

You’re welcome to come in for a consultation to get a mouthguard. Otherwise, Dentist Dr Carmen Hobeika may identify the signs of bruxism during your dental examinations at our practice. Your comprehensive dental checkups at our practice involve a thorough evaluation of your jaw joint, so we can immediately see any signs present.

To create a splint, we’ll take impressions, which are then used in our on-site laboratory to custom-fabricate your mouthguard. When we receive it back, you’ll be able to pick it up. It can be likened to a snug tray that perfectly fits your teeth, distributing the pressure of bruxism evenly.

You should wear your splint every night, cleaning it daily and storing it in a safe place.

Don’t Suffer

Contact East Fremantle Dental Centre today to learn more about splints/bruxism East Fremantle! We have same-day appointments available if you would like immediate attention.

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